"I adore Stacy! When I decide that I'm too old for the parties she will be the one I ask to do my own events."
~ Mindy Weiss
          many questions!

Q:  We are doing an event and have a committee who handles the planning; can you work with a committee?
A: Absolutely! We love to work with committees - so many more ideas to build upon! Many organizations have committees to plan an event, and we enjoy working with them in creating a fabulous event for their organization.


Q:  Iím a working bride; will you do meetings at night?
A: No problem at all! We work with working brides most of the time and understand your schedules. We are happy to meet early in the morning before you head off to work, during your lunch break or even in the evenings if thatís easiest for you. If you canít make it to our office, we will come to you or meet you where itís most convenient.


Q:  I donít have a celebrity budget; can I still do a fabulous event on a smaller budget?
A: YES! Every event has a budget, it doesnít matter who you are, or what kind of event it is. Even celebrities have a budget they stick to. One of the first things we do when we meet with you is talk about the budget. After the budget is set, we then begin the process of finding a location and vendors that are within your budget. We have a great rapport with vendors all over Chicago, Los Angeles and New York just to name a few, who will fit within your budget.

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So Stacy is a Chicago Wedding Planner and a Chicago Event Planner